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“A nation can only be free, happy, and great in proportion to the virtue
and intelligence of the people.”

Stephen F. Austin

Email received from Ken Burnam

Sun, February 03, 2019 1:47 AM | Scott Holman lll

I received this email yesterday from Ken Burnam, descendant from my ancestor Jesse Burnam:

I worked as a volunteer historian at the Alamo for 2 years.   I spread the word about Capt  Burnam to Dr. Winders, Mr McDonald, and George P Bush.    Little is known about Capt. Burnam.   If you could talk to him you could find out more details about the Alamo.

Capt. Jesse lived to be 91 because he was too busy to be at the Alamo on March 6.  He was busy at his ferry.   The Burnam ferry crossing was on the Colo. river near Holman, TX near LaGrange.  He had a store and home nearby.    Col. Travis stayed with him three weeks before the battle.  Capt Jesse came down to Texas as the 18 family of Stephen F Austin in  (original colony of 300).   He was a frontiersman, legislator to Wash. on Brazos.   He helped forge the Tex constitution, but he did not sign it.  He was a capt in Texas Rangers.   He was once designated as oldest living veteran of the Tex./Mex  war.    He has a large monument at Holman, TX.  

He had his ferry burned to the ground by Gen Houston as Houston was leading the Runaway Scrape towards San Jacinto.  He rebuilt his second ferry one mile into the Colo. county.

He moved to his second land grant near Marble Falls at town of Spicewood.   The Burnam ranch, where Jesse is buried, is still in operation.   They recently (2 yrs) erected a historical monument nearby the ranch.   He also received the silver cross from the Texas Ranger organization.

The Alamo archive library near the Alamo has some of my research on Capt. Burnam.    He was my great, great, great, great, uncle.

one of his 12 brothers was my great.....grandfather.

He needs to be given more credit for all of his contributions to the formation of the Territory of Texas.

Ken Burnam 


Descendants of Austin's Old 300

PO Box 690, 147 3rd Street

San Felipe, TX  77473